4. Chemo begins 

Dr Nicola, my oncologist is just lovely. An aura of calm and control resonates from her, and she makes me feel relaxed and calm. She clearly explains what Sid was, and why I need chemo, talks me through what chemo I will get and how it will be administered. 

Side effects sound nasty, will bury my head in the sand about them until they hit me, as they may not. Secretly say ‘whoop’ in my head when she says swimming pools are a no go, 6 months of not having to take the boys to swimming lessons is a massive positive to chemo!

Any questions she asks? my husband says, yes, Anna is useless with tablets, how is she going to swallow them. Everyone laughs, and I am assured they are dissolvable. 

I was weighed, measured and my blood was taken. Chemo was booked to start this week.

Which means  today is the day I started Chemo. Once again grateful that I am on the happy side of cancer. Getting to do my chemo at home. With tablets. 

However still scared. Anxiety levels are high. It’s the unknown. How will I react? Such a long list of dreaded side effects. Time will tell how exactly I will be effected. 
So focusing on the positive, right now, the sun is shining, my dad is here to help me with the boys, who are playing on the trampoline in the garden and I am off to the pub tonight with some girlfriends.

Life goes on.  

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