26. Love is…….

If someone asked you to write down what love meant in one sentence, what would you write? Would you find it easy? Would one sentence be enough? While I have no idea what people would say, I do know that they would not be one, single, universal sentence. Whilst we all need love, how it manifests itself is deeply personal, and different depending on the relationship.

As I feel the relief of a clear scan flow through my veins, like a shot of sunshine has been injected into me, (whilst also feeling guilty as so many don’t get a clear scan) I am enjoying the mundane. Today that was buying a meal deal in preparation for Valentine’s Day, as Love is on my mind.

I couldn’t sum up love in one sentence, and trying to put it into words is quite hard, but I have had a go below.

Love is a warm blanket wrapped round me, giving me warmth, strength, security and happiness.

Love is putting my arms around my boys and husband and knowing I am home.

Love is basically everything Winnie the Pooh says!

I didn’t need to have had cancer to make me feel loved, but I think, maybe, it has made me appreciate it. To understand how powerful it is, and how life is all about love.

I used to think the most powerful emotion was Hope, but of course it is Love. Love is the emotion that gets you through tough times, because love is what makes you hope, and gives you strength you didn’t know you had.

This last year I have felt love, more than ever before. So this year there will definitely be chocolates for all on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s thing. However I will be celebrating with my boys and my husband. Love is not one thing with one person after all! This is because I never want to stop telling them all I love them. Life is too short to not celebrate as often as you can, about anything you want, with those you love.

And beyond Valentine’s Day, with my boys in mind, as Cancer has brought a lot of reflection, I am going to show my boys how much I love them, by trying to …..

  • Push for more hugs rather than more time
  • Smile more and be stern less
  • Embrace arts and crafts more, so I finger paint not finger point
  • Prioritise serious play, rather than serious routine
  • Focus on my boys rather than the state of my house
  • Connect with my boys not with my wifi
  • Teach them the power of love, not the love of power

So they know you can never, in no particular order…..

Care too much, Laugh too much, Love too much, Hope too much, Live too much

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone




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