Reasons to be thankful

Cards, flowers and gifts. Knowing people are thinking about you is helpful at a time when you are scared and worrying that you do not have the strength that may be required. It boosts you. Brings a smile when you are feeling a bit grumpy.

Books, audio books, podcast suggestions, dvds bought for me or lent to me, to fill my head with mindless fluff and silly giggles that muffle the worry.

Food glorious food, homemade, vouchers, lunches bought and company given. How lucky I am, to have so many lovely people in my life.

Specific thanks do need to go to four people xx 

My Parents. I may be 38, but my mum just moved in and looked after my babies when her ‘baby’ needed her. I could be 100% selfish and just think about getting better post surgery, as my mum picked up my day to day life for me. When she returned to work after school holidays, dad came along and was there when I needed him. So much support. 

My Husband, hates hospitals and anything emotional, has got quite stressed, and hidden it well. Has loved me, in sickness and in health. X 

My sister, my best friend has dragged me through my darkest times. Has kept it together when I fell apart. Nursed me back to health, kept me calm, gave me shit when I needed to get a grip, and supported me when I fell. Thank you x